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  • Frequently asked questions

  • What is "WASS"?

    It is a secure, cloud-based WiFi Hotspot solution. It provides high performance WiFi connectivity to your customers via a customizable splash page or Social WiFi access, thus boosting your social networks. Additionally, it provides a set of metrics that are viewable on the Dashboard, centralizing information on visits, data for capturing new customers and trends, thus making the WiFi network profitable as well as a great marketing tool. It also offers Advanced and Premium products with more exhaustive analytics (heat maps, comparisons between premises, live marketing campaigns through applications) and integrated access with customer or loyalty systems/databases. Check out our plans on the SOLUTIONS page. For more information, get in touch with us directly

  • What sets "WAAS" apart from other solutions on the market?

    It is a WiFi implementation using Cisco Access Points. This equipment has the highest performance on the market for high density and browsing speed with maximum reliability. Service provided by Fibratel, technological partner of Cisco, with the highest technological certifications on the market. They have more than 20 years of experience in the sector and have stringent WiFi implementations.

  • Who is the "WAAS" solution aimed at?

    Any business wanting to offer WiFi to their customers, gathering valuable informationfor their marketing department at the same time as boosting their social networks and helping to increase the acquisition of new customers. The solution is so flexible that it can be adapted to any type of business: Shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, dealerships, stations/airports, events, offices, coworking centres etc.

  • How will "WAAS" help to boost my business?

    "WAAS" allows you to offer advertising or vital information through the welcome pageand to boost your social networks via Social WiFi. Additionally, through the Dashboard, it offers information of vital importance for boosting your business for each one of your premises: visits, transients, capture rate, progressive analysis, daily/weekly averages, loyal visitors, duration of the visits, the best day of the week to capture customers, the best time frame, days with fewer or more visitors, etc. Visitors can even be compared between the different premises. You will be able to view your visitors' demographic information, tastes and hobbies via Social WiFi.

  • What is Social WiFi?

    Social WiFi is the name given to the WiFi services/connections that allow users to connect via their social network accounts. This is normally Facebook, but other social networks can be used such as Twitter, Google/YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. As a result, consumers benefit from being connected and your business benefits from obtaining statistical data about your visitors and transients, in turn boosting your own social network.

  • What happens if my customers do not use Social Networks?

    There are also options for users to gain access directly or through quick registration forms to gain access free of charge.

  • Will my WiFi connection be secure and legal?

    The WAAS solution provides the protection required in order to operate securely and legally for both your business and your customers. Complying with the provisions of the data protection law (LOPD), application and content filtering, restrictions on bandwidth per user in order to not affect other users, private networks for staff, etc.

  • Do I need an internet connection to use "WAAS"?

    Yes, our solution requires an internet connection through an operator. If you already have an internet connection line, we will connect to that. If not, we will be able to provide you one ourselves or contact any operator on the market. We adapt to you.

  • I already have a Router/Access Point/WiFi antenna. Can I use "WAAS" with my equipment?

    Yes, as long as it is Cisco Meraki MRxx equipment. We are working on making "WAAS"compatible with more manufacturers. Currently, Cisco equipment is used because of the large amount of information it provides, even offering a a BLE Bluetooth connection for beacon frames. Most products on the market do not provide this type of information.

  • Can I access the statistics from anywhere?

    One of its big advantages is that the information on the Dashboard can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, by using this tool. You only need an internet connection.